About Fashionistan

Zac Chaudhri from UAL combined his skill as an accomplished photographer and how the values of diversity and inclusion apply to fashion in a project called ‘Fashionistan’. "I wanted to show what people and fashion from certain marginalised countries looked like while at the same time tackling the lack of representation of Asian models and fashion in the mainstream fashion media." 

The Fashionistan Project was born from the desire to educate the masses of the misconception that is tied to eastern cultures using the medium of fashion. Our aim is to break down the unfair stereotypes and negative labels that this culture and its people have been branded with and allow the world to see them through a positive lens.

Everyone wears clothes and garments. It acts not only as a form of expression but is indicative of our nation, environment, and identity. Fashion is intertwined in our daily life and even though we may not always recognise its presence. It is constant evolving and shaping our sense of style, our views, and our world. Fashion is a common language; we all speak fashion.

Fashionistan Magazine is a bi-yearly magazine in Print / Online. Fashionistan books have been donated fashion schools worldwide. 
Zac has also launched a new book called ‘Fashion Uncovered’ which can be read here online.